What to Wear in Japan – June to August

What to Wear in Japan – June to August

I have been recording daily temperatures and posting our outfits on this blog every single week of the year.

If you have been following me since the start of the year, thanks. Although my fashion may not be what you normally would wear in your country, I hope it helps you decide what to bring to your trip to Japan. You know, just to get the idea.


Trip to Hawaii

We have been lucky enough to go on vacation (work too) for 2 months to Hawaii.

It’s work-related, but it’s still amazing to get to spend 2 months in paradise.

Since our blog is about Japan, we will not be posting outfits from the 2nd week of June to the 3rd week of August. I’m just going to post some family pictures here just because the post is too boring with just text.


What to pack for Summer in Tokyo

To be brutally honest, we hate summer in Tokyo. The humidity, heat, concrete reflecting the heat, being surrounded by tall buildings with no breeze. It’s not really about fashion anymore when it comes to Summer in Tokyo. It’s about survival, and trying not to get a heatstroke.

Just wear comfortable clothes and bring lots of extra clothes. You will be sweating waterfalls just by stepping out of your door.


Enjoy our Hawaii photos until we come back!

If you want to see our Hawaii video, click here



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