Udon Recommendation by a local

Hey Noodle Lovers,

Our family is obsessed with noodles. Anything from pasta, ramen, udon, soba, we love them all.

In this post I’d like to introduce you to a local udon restaurant, which is located conveniently in Harajuku.


Where the office workers in Harajuku have lunch

Harajuku is known for its tourist attractions. When I lived there 10 years ago, I had trouble finding reasonable restaurants and cafes, because everything was overpriced.

I found this udon restaurant which had become my no.1 favorite udon restaurant, and I haven’t found a better udon restaurant that can top this one for over 10 years.



Zen, offers a variety of udon for about $12 USD per bowl. The most popular dish is this

Their “Legendary” Curry Udon


The creamy soup with a bit of spice is extremely addictive.


Ume Buta

No. 2 in their menu is “Ume Buta” meaning, Picked plum, pork. If you love sour /salty dishes, this is my recommendation. In fact, I have been ordering this for 10 years.

This one has spinach, ume, and pork belly.

My personal No. 1 is this one.


The store

It is a bit hard to find the store. But thanks to Google, you can just enter “Harajuku Udon Zen”, and you will get there. Just in case, here’s the entrance.



I have never been to a restaurant in Harajuku that was genuinely good. All cafes are overpriced, has great presentation, but the quality and taste is mediocre.

While it is fascinating and entertaining to take pics of rainbow cotton candy and crepes for your instagram feed, I recommend restaurants like this, packed with locals during lunch time. This is one of the restaurants where you can experience the “real” Japan.



General Information

Name : Zen

Genre: Udon

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥1,300 ~ ¥1.500 per person

Address : 1-2-14 Jiingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Phone # :03-5410-3177

No official website in English

Closest Station: 

• Harajuku Station – JR Yamanote Line


Mondays – Saturdays

Lunch: 11:30AM~3:30 PM

Dinner: 5:30 ~ 10:30 PM

Closed on: Sundays

Diaper Changing Space: None

Nursing Rooms: None (Can use the private room)

Stroller Friendly?: 1/5 The store is too tiny for strollers.

Baby Friendly?: 1/5

Toddler Friendly?: 2/5

Child Friendly? : 4/5

Family Friendly? : 4/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: Very Little

Smoking : Non Smoking

Kids Menu : None

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