The New Bugaboo Bee 5 – Out December 1, 2018

Bugaboo fans out there?

I have been a Bugaboo fan for quite a while now. When my husband and I launched our baby supply delivery & rental service Lileo, the first stroller company we pitched our idea to, was Bugaboo. Ever since we had our second son, we have been using the Bugaboo stroller.


The one HUGE problem with Bugaboo Strollers

Although we absolutely LOVE Bugaboo Strollers, there was one downside.


The stroller doesn’t stand when it’s folded…


I assume most of you are thinking…


And.. What’s the problem with that?




Tokyo is TINY, and space is PRECIOUS where I live


Have you ever heard of people paying thousands of dollars to rent a teeny tiny studio apartment in New York City? Well, it’s the same here, or maybe even worse. In restaurants, trains, homes, streets, anywhere you go, you need a place to store your stroller and make it ASAP (AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE) yeah, this is what ASAP means in Japan.

jk, I just made that up right now.



Bugaboo strollers not standing on its own when you fold it, was a MAJOR problem, and it’s finally solved.


Introducing the NEW Bugaboo Bee 5

Stroller Rental Japan Bugaboo Bee 5

So what exactly is so great about Bugaboo anyways?


1. It lasts (almost) FOREVER

Maybe forever is a bit of a stretch, but Bugaboo Stroller are made of ALL REPLACEABLE PARTS, AND YOU CAN BUY THEM SEPARATELY. If your tires wear out, all you need to do is buy “A” tire. The stroller may be a big investment for just a stroller, but in the long run, it is a good one especially if you are planning on having more than one child.


2. It’s Comfortable

You can’t ask a baby if the seat is comfortable, but you can learn how much thought and calculations were done in order to make the safest, most comfortable seats. The seat has 3 levels of reclining, and you can reverse the seat so that your child can see the world, or the most favorite person in the world, you.


Stroller Rental Japan Bugaboo Bee 5




3. It’s Smooth like no other

Have you ever bumped your stroller when you “thought” you can ride over that curb but you couldn’t? Well, that’s a small car accident for your baby. Bugaboo strollers have a 4 wheel suspension for a smooth ride, AND minimizes that “bump” on the curb as much as possible.




Bugaboo Bee 5 is the best for cities in Japan

It’s amazing to think that this blog is being read from all over the world. I’d love to know where in the comments. As you all know I live in Tokyo, where the streets are narrow and busy, FILLED with people. Train station ticket gates are only 55 to 60 cm (21-23 inches) wide. Your average size stroller probably won’t fit through those automatic ticket gates.

There are so many narrow strollers out there, but they lack stability. Bugaboo Bee 5 is probably the best stroller that is both comfortable, stable, and compact to use in the cities of Japan.



Try the stroller, for 85% OFF

If you are coming to Japan with your baby, you should definitely try the Bugaboo Bee stroller by renting it at Lileo.

You can rent an $800 (USD) stroller for only $15 a day. There is a 3 day minimum duration so it will be $45, plus a round trip shipping fee (because we need to send it to you and get it back) of $40, so it will be a minimum of  $85 total (to use a $800) stroller.

If you are like me, and is a heavy user of amazon prime and is used to FREE SHIPPING, $40 may give you a heart attack. But hear me out.


You can rent the stroller in any city in mainland Japan, AND bring it anywhere in the country, return it from any city in mainland Japan (even if it’s not the same place you picked it up).


So, you can rent the stroller in Tokyo, go to Osaka, Kyoto, and return the stroller from Hiroshima. The $40 flat rate shipping covers for your freedom to rent, bring, and return the stroller from anywhere in Japan (except islands).

If you want to know more about how our system works, go to your How it Works page.



Stroller Rental Hire Japan


If you are planning on coming to Japan

Please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear comments and questions that you have about Japan.



*This post was NOT sponsored by Bugaboo (Photos were provided by Bugaboo Japan, but we are not getting monetary compensation nor products from the company in return for writing this post).

*Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates



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