Rumble Fish – Exquisite Seafood Dinner at Busena Terrace Okinawa


If I have to choose between Steak and Lobster, I choose Lobster in less than a split second. This is the first post about our Okinawa trip, and I am starting the Okinawa series with “RUMBLE FISH”, the restaurant that has one of the BEST fresh oysters I’ve ever had. If you have read my other posts like this one about the fishmarket, you probably know already about my obsession with Oysters. Well, even if you are not an Oyster fan like me, you will be pleased.

Stroll on the Beach

RUMBLE FISH is located inside our hotel, the Busena Terrace Resort. Our stay here was AMAZING, and you can see for yourself here. From our room to RUMBLE FISH was a 5 minute stroll along this beautiful (I need a better word than beautiful) beach.

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

This is it!

I don’t exactly know what a “RUMBLE FISH” is, but I think what I see here is a Swordfish?

Anyways, I just love these cute little restaurants by the pier!

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

The Terrace

The terrace seat is where you want to request when you make the reservation. It’s beautiful. Wait until you see the sunset!

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Sunset Dinner

*This wasn’t our table (we were a party of 6, 2 children inc.)

Isn’t it stunning? It looks like one of those stock photos! It’s not!

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish


The seafood is neatly presented at the entrance, and you can shop (literally with a cart) your dinner! The kids loved the shopping experience.

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Scarus ovifrons

As most of you know, we (meaning the Japanese demographic) eat A LOT of fish, and we know the different names of all the fish we eat.

This blue fish you see in the image below is called “Aobudai” in Japanese, “Irabuchaa” in Ryukyu language (Language spoken in Okinawa and other Ryukyu Islands), and Scarus Ovifrons is the scientific noun of this fish. It is a popular edible fish in Okinawa, but we did not have the courage to put it in our cart.

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

We got 6 of these

And 3 of them were for me 🙂 I can’t stop obsessing over these oysters. They were one of the BEST oysters I’ve every had.

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Since I ordered 6 oysters, the waitress recommended I get the Yako-gai, the shellfish you see in the image below.

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

What we picked from the RAW BAR

Fresh Oysters

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Sauteed Salmon

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish


Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

And from the Grand Menu

Ceaser Salad

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

New England Clam Chowder

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish

Squid Ink Paella

Busena Terrace Rumble Fish


In my personal opinion, I loved this restaurant because of the location (There’s something about the pier that I’m drawn to), the sunset, the fun shopping experience for the kids, and the amazing fresh oysters. I really liked how you can choose how your food chosen from the raw bar is cooked. Other than the oysters and the Yako-gai, I must point out that I can’t give 5 stars for the food. It’s more like a 4, but that’s just my opinion. But I would definitely come here again if I have the chance, because of all the other amazing qualities cover for the “pretty good” food. I’ll try to work on my food critique vocabulary, but I hope you can understand when I write, “pretty good”.

The fact that you can enjoy a sunset dinner with a magnificent view of the beach is enough for me to recommend this restaurant to you. Your children will love the shopping experience, and if they get grumpy and bored, you can take them to the pier or the beach! Everything about this place was surreal, a great way to end our first day in Okinawa.

General Information

Name : Rumble Fish at Busena Terrace Okinawa

Genre: Seafood

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥32,83 (4 adults, 2 children)

Address : 

Phone # : 0980-51-1333


Closest Station :

Hours :

5:30 PM ~ 10:00 PM Last Order 9:30 PM

Closed on : Mondays

Diaper Changing Space : No

Nursing Rooms : No

Private Rooms : None

High Chair : Yes

Stroller Friendly?: 5/5

Baby Friendly?: 5/5

Toddler Friendly?: 5/5

Child Friendly? : 5/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: English

Smoking : Non-smoking

Kids Menu : Nonebut you can request how your food to be cooked.


*This post was NOT sponsored by Rumble Fish

*Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.

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