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Will you make a great Ninja?

I came across this Ninja Trick House website when my eldest son asked me to show him what REAL Ninjas looked like, back in the days. To state the obvious, google images did not exist back in the Edo era, and a real Ninja caught on camera probably didn’t do too well anyway.

Trick No. 1 – Finding the building

Even with the help of Google Maps, we got lost. This is the only sign out on the street of Kabukicho, where there are 50 other signs just like this.

To be absolutely honest, my wife and I were a bit worried about what to expect…


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 2



We went up the stairs (no elevator), and then we were pleasantly surprised.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 3

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 4


We were greeted with a souvenir toy sword, followed by a short intro clip. (English available)


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A Ninja suddenly appears, and the children got a little scared.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 9


But he turned out to be a friendly one.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 10


The Katana

1st we were each handed a Katana, and learned the basic movements. My oldest son would have had no fingers if he held a real one like that… (See photo left)


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 11

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 12



We learned how to protect ourselves from attackers, and practiced attacking the Ninja


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 13


And won.


The Trick House

The Room has many interesting tricks, escape routes, and hidden weapons.


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NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 15

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 16

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 17


The Ninja was amazing with kids. I had never seen them so interested.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 18


The Shuriken

The Shuriken experience was probably the best part for the kids.

“Shu” = Hand

“Ri” = Behind

“Ken” = Sword

= A sword that you can hide behind your hand.


Children’s shuriken were made of softer material, but the ones my wife and I used were very real.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 19

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 20

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 21

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 22

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 23


This was surprisingly very hard.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 24


Newly trained Ninjas with their Ninja-Face


It’s not all about children!

We learned something new too.


The Ninja taught us that the “Tsuba”, or guard between the blade and the handle was as a step to get on the roof, and the rope is there to pull the sword up. Smart.


NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 25

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 26


Self Defense

Ninjas are constantly in danger. We learned how to protect ourselves with a sword, but for small children we got rubber baseball bats.

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 27

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 28

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 29

NInja Shinjuku Tokyo 30


Don’t forget to take a picture!



“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Judging by the entrance and general admissions fee (¥1.100), my wife and I were a bit skeptical about Ninja Trick House. And they proved us wrong.

The children had a great time, we learned new facts, and the whole tour was about 45 minutes, which is a great length for kids.

The location (Shinjuku) of this venue is perfect, but one comment I should make is that Kabukicho is known as a red light district. Probably the safest one in the world. It is not a common place to bring small children, but it is not a dangerous neighborhood. If you are planning to go there, I would recommend to go in the day time just to be extra safe, because at night the streets are busy.



General Information

Name : Ninja Trick House Tokyo

Address : 2-28-13, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0021

Phone # : 03-6457-3337


Closest Station :

• Shinjuku Station

Hours : 10:00 AM ~ 6:30 PM

Closed on : Tuesdays / Wednesdays

General Fees : Adults: 1,100 3 Years old or younger: Free

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥3,300 (2 Adults, 2 Children (5 and 3)

Diaper Changing Space : None

Nursing Room : None

Stroller Friendly?: 0/5

Baby Friendly?: 0/5

Toddler Friendly?: 2/5

Child Friendly?: 5/5

Family Friendly?: 5/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: English


*This post was NOT sponsored by Ninja Trick House

*Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.

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