Night Cherry Blossom Viewing at Midtown Tokyo

Night “Hanami”

“Hanami” – Cherry Blossom viewing – is popular in the day time, but locals know that night time “hanami” is just as good, or even better.

To many locals, “hanami”  is a big social event. Friends, coworkers, families get together to have drinks and socialize under the beautiful cherry blossoms, and even companies dedicate a day for employees to view cherry blossoms as a company event. Usually the employees start spreading picnic mats as early as sunrise to save a seat for the employees and bosses. There’s even a term for it “basho-tori” meaning “saving space”. The one who is assigned to do that wait in that same spot for hours until the “hanami” begins.

To those who are assigned to save seats, night “hanami”  may not be a fun event, but for people like us (and by us I mean families and tourists), unless you want to experience the REAL “hanami” , taking a stroll through the illuminated cherry blossoms is a great way to experience “hanami”.




Midtown is an area in Roppongi, Tokyo. It is known as an office district with high-end shopping malls and many bars / restaurants.

It is one of the most popular“hanami” spots in the city, and as you can see, many people come at night after work to enjoy the cherry blossoms.



Pop-up Cafes

Usually people buy lots and lots of liquor and snacks at a convenience store and bring it to their “hanami”  spot. But here, you can have Bubbles.

This may not be an annual event, and pop up cafes may change every year.



View from the TOP

The view from a higher level is always better. Restaurants with terrace seats facing the cherry blossoms are almost always booked in advance. If you want to have dinner with this amazing view, you should plan ahead!



The restaurant you see on the right is Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule

Other restaurants at Midtown where you can dine with the view of cherry blossoms are

Union Square Tokyo



View of Tokyo Tower

This was the the most popular location to take photos.




Personally, I love to see cherry blossoms at night. This was by far the most beautiful night “hanami” experience, and I love how there are actually places to sit and enjoy the cherry blossoms, especially when I am with my family. No disrespect to the traditional “hanami” style, but I just don’t have the energy to fight for our seats in the popular parks. I would prefer the short walks, and a dinner at a nice warm restaurant afterwards (Am I getting old?).


General Information

Name : Midtown Blossom

Address : 

Phone # : 03-3475-3100 (Midtown Call Center)


Closest Station :

  • Roppongi Station – Toei Oedo Line, Hibiya Line
  • Nogizaka Station – Chiyoda Line
  • Roppongi Icchome Station – Namboku Line

Hours : Please see the website.

Closed on : Please see the website.

General Fees : Free

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥0

Diaper Changing Space : Midtown Baby Room – Galleria 2nd Fl (11:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM)

Nursing Room : Midtown Galleria B1 / 2nd Fl  (11:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM)

Stroller Friendly?: 5/5

Baby Friendly?: 3/5

Toddler Friendly?: 3/5

Child Friendly?: 5/5

Family Friendly?: 5/5


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