Must Visit Beach in Okinawa with the Clearest Water

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


Sesoko Island

Is a special island surrounded by super transparent, crystal clear water. It’s special because it is an island that is accessible by car from the main land.

This was in my list of things to do in Okinawa, and it was amazing! (except for the part where I almost drowned) – will explain later.


Transparency – 300%

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


The transparency of the water is crazy. Here’s a photo of our feet in the water.


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


Save the Ocean

In the photo below, do you see that the people are swimming ONLY within the buoy rope area? This is to limit the contact of environment destroyers (us, the human race) to the corals and fish in the sea. I know its tempting to swim freely outside of this area, but if we all start doing that, our kids won’t be able to see this beautiful beach when they grow up.


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


Another Safety Tip

This is me smiling minutes before I almost drowned. If the environment doesn’t concern you to stay inside the buoy, hear me out.

I was playing with my kids near the shore, when I heard an announcement (in Japanese) warning to get prepared for the high-tide. Nobody really got out of the water, but I took the kids to my mother, lounging on the beach, and my husband asked me if I wanted to go snorkeling with him (Rentals available. Details later).

I swam to about the middle of the shore and the buoy, and realized that the amount of water has almost tripled, or maybe even more. The water used to be up to my waist, but came up over my head. I am not a bad swimmer, so I started snorkeling.

BUT (Dramatic Music)

I thought I was safe because I was inside the ropes, but the high-tide and the wind put together pushed me further and further away, and when I tried to swim back to the shore, the waves kept pushing me sideways, and I couldn’t swim straight.

Eventually, my feet got super tired from swimming, my snorkels were foggy, and the wind kept pushing me, and not to be overly dramatic, I thought I was going to drown. Seriously.

If you are here with your family and you do not speak Japanese, at least get your children out of the water when you hear an announcement in Japanese, and ask somebody what’s going on. I mean it!


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan Erika Ogasawara


Rentals at Sesoko Beach

You can rent parasols with low quality beach beds (¥3,000) , swimming shoes (¥500), and snorkels (¥1,000). I don’t know if “swimming shoes” is the right term, but you DEFINITELY need them. There are lots of rocks and corals, and it is not fun to get inside the water with bare feet.


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


Food at Sesoko Beach

There is one beach shack, aka “umi no ie” at Sesoko Beach. They serve snacks and light meals such as

• Japanese Curry

• “Yakisoba” – Japanese style fried noodles (my favorite!)

• Fried Chicken


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

Hiro having Curry


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

I had fried noodles. This was actually pretty good.


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

Ryoma had fried chicken (and most of my fried noodles)


Tour of the Island

When you get tired of swimming, you can explore the shores of Sesoko Island. The distance around the whole island is only 7.3 kilometers (4.5 miles).

Hiro, Yamato, and I went on a 10 minute adventure (it was so hot that day, one of us could have gotten a heatstroke)


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


A Cave!


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan Erika Ogasawara

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

That was pretty much everything

We were too exhausted to go further, but if you have the chance, explore the island and let us know!


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan

Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan Erika Ogasawara

Make sure you take lots of pictures 🙂


Sesoko Beach Okinawa Best Beach Japan


Sesoko Beach was purely amazing. There’s nothing fancy about this place, no comfy padded beach beds (the beach beds were really bad), showers that aren’t free (it’s pretty common in Japan), and no pampering from the staff working at the beach. But it was the best beach I have ever been to in Japan. EVER. I actually loved the laid back, down-to-earth vibe. Sesoko Beach clearly is a tourist attraction, but I felt like I was in a beach for “locals”. If you are like me, and want to explore the “local” side of Okinawa, you would love it here.

You can rent pretty much anything, but it is better to bring your own towels, floats, and swimming shoes (this is a must-have). It is an awesome idea to bring your own snorkels or rent them, because there are hundreds of tropical fish, and you can see them as if you’re in an aquarium.

There are lockers for ¥200, hot showers for ¥500, and cold showers for ¥300. 1 child may accompany 1 adult for free.


As I said before, please please please listen to the announcements (even if you don’t understand Japanese, follow the locals!) , and check the time of the high-tide in advance if you are going with small children.

If you don’t mind the extra luggage, bringing a small cooler for water (and booze) might be a great idea.

To wrap it up, I absolutely loved this beach. I loved how it wasn’t packed with people (because you need to take that extra mile to two to get there), and there was nothing “touristy” about the place.

General Information

Name: Sesoko Beach

Address: 5583-1, Sesoko, Kunigamigun Motobuchou, Okinawa 905-0227

Phone #:  03-6457-3337

Website: No Official Website in English

Public Transportation: 

• 40 minute bus ride from Nago Bus Terminal

Hours :

April – June : 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

July – September : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Closed on : October – March

General Fees : Free


Parasol and Beach Bed set – ¥3,000

Snorkels – ¥1,000

Swim Shoes – ¥500

Towels – ¥200

Other Fees:

Parking – ¥1,000 / Day

Shower – Hot – ¥500 / Cold – ¥300 (1 child may accompany 1 adult for free)

Locker – ¥200

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥14,000 (4 Adults, 2 Children) inc. lunch, rentals and parking

Diaper Changing Space : None

Nursing Room : None

Stroller Friendly?: 0/5

Baby Friendly?: 0/5

Toddler Friendly?: 1/5

Child Friendly?: 3/5

Family Friendly?: 3/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: None


*This post was NOT sponsored by Sesoko Beach

*Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.

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