Meguro River Cherry Blossom Viewing

Cherry Blossom Season

The most popular, expensive, crowded, but the BEST time to travel to Japan.

Since we are locals, and when I say locals I mean, I am born and raised in the “Meguro” area, I can give you the best tips for having your cherry blossom stroll along the infamous Meguro River.


What to expect

I used to love to be spontaneous. Until I had kids. Let me show you what to expect at Meguro River.


What to bring

If you are bringing kids, I don’t know if I even recommend bringing kids. But if you are, definitely bring a stroller and a warm blanket with you.

Hot packs are recommended for adults.

Late March – Early April is COLD. It is not spring weather yet. Although some days can be amazing with sunshine pouring down, most days are cold, in need of puffer jackets.


How long is the stroll?

Depending on the amount of people there, it would take about 45 minutes to get from one end of the river to another. There is absolutely no need to walk the whole riverside, so give yourselves 45 minutes to walk, stop, take pictures, and have a light snack. There are a few restrooms open to public, but I would use the restroom somewhere else before you come to the area.


Is it worth going?

Yes. Don’t expect it to be a glamorous stroll. There will be so many people holding cameras and GoPros, vloggers, bloggers, influencers, tourists, and locals all mixed together. But you get to see this


And this


Downside that nobody really talks about

Cherry blossoms are amazing. Even if I see them ever single year, I am always in awe when I see them in full bloom. Especially because Meguro River is my neighborhood, and my office is literally next to it, I have had the chance to see the downside as well

So here are some of the things to consider if you are taking your child to Meguro River

  • It’s just NOT child-friendly.
    • It’s not a place to go comfortably with your young children. No space, lots of intoxicated people, and no open space to rest. I would recommend a park instead (like Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen)
  • You can’t relax.
    • There is actually a sign where it tells you which way to walk to see the cherry blossoms. I personally want to just stroll and enjoy the beautiful flowers without anyone telling me to do anything. Policemen with whistles will tell you to hurry, and that’s not fun. See below for photos.
  • No place to sit
    • The cherry blossom committee (if they have one) just won’t let you sit anywhere to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Not even the curb. You can manage to get a seat at a cafe or a restaurant if you are super lucky, but still, you would have to see cherry blossoms blossoming on top of people’s heads.



Come, despite the downsides

I just had to share the cons of Meguro River, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it. I want you to know what to expect. It’s beautiful. It’s breath-taking. Plan your day out. Maybe you can do a quick visit here and go to a more spacious park for more.


Happy Hanami!

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