Amazing Seafood for Market Price at Kashi no Ichi – Fish Market in Shizuoka

$1.7 Million Tuna ???

A single bluefin tuna was once sold for $1.7 Million in Japan. Can you believe that?

Shizuoka prefecture is on the top of the list when it comes to the number of “maguro” or bluefin tuna caught in Japan.

Although Tsukiji Fishmarket is the most well known fish market, there are many other amazing fish markets like this one, “Kashi no Ichi”.


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 1


Kashi no Ichi

Kashi no Ichi is located near Shimizu Station in Shizuoka Prefecture.

With 36 fish vendors, the market may be small compared to Tsukiji, but we loved the calm, peaceful atmosphere of rural Japan we rarely get to experience.


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 2

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 3

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 4


Let’s take a look inside


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 5

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 6

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 7


Look what I found!!!

Fresh Oysters!!! I hear some of you saying either “yummmm” or “ewwwww”

I don’t know which one you are, but I am the former. And yes, I know about what raw oysters can do to you if you eat the wrong one. But still, it’s my absolute favorite!


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 8

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 9


It says here

“Will pour lemon juice (heart) It’s sooooo gooood” (literally)


How can I resist?


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 10

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 11



Look how happy I am 🙂 Japanese oysters are large and meaty, and very rich. You don’t want me to start talking about different kinds of oysters so let me tell you this. It was AMAZING!!

There’s so much more fresh seafood that you can try on the spot, but we wanted to find somewhere to settle.

We went at 9 AM in the morning, so this was one of the few places that were open at the time. By the way, it is right next to the market.



Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 12

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 13

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 14


Today’s Speacials

The photo above has today’s specials. I don’t know why I didn’t look at it while taking this photo, but I should have ordered the one on the bottom with big letters. It says that it has fresh seafood, Uni (Sea Urchin) and Crabs for only ¥1,850. I just saw this as I am typing 🙁


Inside looked like this


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 15

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 16

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 17

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 18



There were too many dishes to choose from, and besides this hand written grand menu, there were different menus all over the wall.

I just want to point out that the pricing is insanely cheap! (almost 50% cheaper compared to supermarkets in Tokyo)

Since it was our first time, we decided to try the basic.


The “Hagoromo Don” – ¥2,700

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 19


The “Nakaochi Don” – ¥1,000

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 20


The “Nakaochi Don” without green onions / ginger / wasabi (for the kids) – ¥1,000

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 21

It comes in a set!

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 22


Itadakimasu! (means thank you for the meal, but we say it before we eat)


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 23

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 24

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 25


How to eat a seafood “donburi” (bowl)

There’s no right or wrong way to eat a seafood bowl, but this is how we locals eat it.

Too much soy sauce could ruin the flavor of fresh seafood.


First, put the wasabi in the soy sauce and mix well

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 26


Next, using the tip of your chopsticks, make the soy sauce drip along the chopsticks and move it around so that the soy sauce spreads evenly.

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 27


If you do this, you will have equal amount of soy sauce on every bite!


Well fed boys = Happy

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 28



The boys begged for dessert, so we went back to the market and found an ice cream vending machine


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 29

We also found…

A crib to change your babay’s diapers.

Although the gesture is nice, but it is in an open public space, and I have no idea how often it is cleaned, so I’d only use it in an emergency or by using one of our disposable diaper changing sheets!


Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 30

Fish Market Shizuoka Seafood 31



If you google “fish market in Japan”, “Tsukiji” will be the first hit you see. It is definitely huge and worth going, but there are a few downsides of it.

  1. It’s packed with tourists
  2. It’s cheap for stores to buy for wholesale, not so much for regular customers (especially restaurants around that area)
  3. It’s too popular, an some vendors don’t like it

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tsukiji and I actually go there for grocery shopping, because it is definitely more fresh and cheaper than the ones in the supermarket. But I have 3 boys (including husband), AND my grandparents live on the upper floor AND my parents living close by. I buy fish in kilograms (1.6 lbs), share, and freeze everything if they’re left over.

I really liked Kashi no Ichi because it was not flooding with people. The pricing was extremely cheap, and it was small so it wasn’t overwhelming taking the kids around.

Vendors were very friendly, and you can really interact with the locals here.

Another great part is that if you are going to the suburbs, you will definitely need a car. This one is close to Shimizu Station, so there’s no need for a car!

It’s not fancy nor full of surprises, but if you are one of those people who don’t like “touristy” places and want to experience “real” Japan, maybe you can take that 90 min train ride to “Kashi no Ichi” Shimizu.


General Information

Name : Kashi no Ichi

Genre: Fresh Seafood

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥5,700 (For 2 Adults, 2 Children at Miyamoto Shouten Restaurant) ¥600 – Oysters, ¥260 Ice cream = ¥6,560

Address : 149 Shimazakicho, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka, Shizuoka 424-0823

Phone # : 054-355-3575

Website : No official website in English

Closest Station : 

• Shimizu Station – JR Tokaido Line

Hours : 

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Closed on : Wednesdays

Diaper Changing Space :

  • Entrance of the market

Nursing Rooms : None

Stroller Friendly?: 3/5

Baby Friendly?: 3/5

Toddler Friendly?: 4/5

Child Friendly? : 5/5

Family Friendly? : 5/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: Tourist friendly, but not much visual assistance

Smoking : Non Smoking

Kids Menu : None at Miyamoto Shouten (Restaurant)


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*This post was NOT sponsored by Kashi no Ichi

*Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.


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