Goemon – Eat Pasta with Chopsticks!

Kids not eating Japanese Food?

One of the reasons for visiting Japan is obviously, or AMAZING Japanese cuisine. But what about your kids? Picky eaters at home may be even pickier in Japan.

If you want to take a break from Japanese food, why not try Japanese spaghetti with a bit of a challenge?

Goemon is a chain offering Japanese style pasta with chopsticks! Children will receive forks upon request, but this store offers chopsticks to eat Spaghetti.

Can it get more Japanese than this?



Their sign has a drawing of Ishikawa Goemon, a legendary outcast superhero who stole from the riches to give to the poor. Since you may not be able to read the sign in Japanese, look for Goemon’s face.



This is when you have to be open to challenges. Japan uses lots of seafood in pastas, such as salted fish roe (it’s really really good), shrimp, crabs, and oysters. If you are not a fan of seafood, you can go for things like carbonara, eggplant and avocado with tomato sauce.

I personally love salted fish roe, so I always order the”wafuu” meaning “Japanese-stye” pastas.


Pasta Sets

In Japan, “set menus” are very common. It comes with a small salad, soup, and sometime desserts. At goemon, you get a soup and a small salad (it’s really small, but you gotta get used to it here in Japan).

Here is the soup that you can drink in one sip. Although it does not look too appetizing, Japan uses a lot of fish “dashi” which means broth, which gives our soups a very rich taste.


Here is the salad that you can probably eat in one bite as well. It is shredded radish with sesame, salted seaweed, with “wafuu” dressing. It is so small that even your toddler might complain. Welcome to Japan.




I have been ordering this pasta for over 10 years. the red stuff in the middle is salted fish roe. You mix it well and the salty flavor spreads and it is amazing. You also get seaweed, leek, bacon, and “takana” which is very hard to explain. Salted crunchy spinach-like vegetable is the best I can say. This one is my absolute favorite.

tokyo fast food goemon pasta

Pasta no.2

This is my husband’s favorite. Seafood tomato pasta. It has oysters, lotus root, mizuna (the green stuff on top), with a rich, creamy seafood tomato base sauce.

There’s so much more

I wish I could introduce you to more orthodox pastas they have on the menu, but we never get around to ordering them. If you are up for trying Japanese style pasta, give it a try. My family is a big fan.



Goemon is a chain, so if you are looking for authentic Italian pasta, it is not the right place. But I personally believe that this kind of pasta does not exist anywhere in the world. This is a restaurant that Japanese locals go to, so if you want to get the “local” vibe, go for it. Taste is really good for a chain restaurant, and you can take a break from eating expensive wagyu beef and sushi. Your kids are going to love the bolognese and carbonara!


General Information

Name : Goemon

Genre: Japanese Style Pasta

Budget (How much we spent) : ¥1,000 ~ ¥1.500 per person

Address : 3-22-6 Jiingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Phone # : 03-5411-4554

WebsiteNo official website in English

Closest Station: 

This restaurant is a chain, and there are many locations including Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ginza etc. We went to the one in Meguro it was not on Google Maps.

• Harajuku Station – JR Yamanote Line



11:30AM~10:00 PM(Last Order 9:30 PM)

Closed on: Open all year round

Diaper Changing Space: None

Nursing Rooms: None (Can use the private room)

Stroller Friendly?: 3/5 The one we always go to in Meguro has an elevator, but we are not sure about all other branches

Baby Friendly?: 3/5

Toddler Friendly?: 3/5

Child Friendly? : 5/5

Family Friendly? : 5/5

Foreign Language Assistance?: Not much, very local, but all pastas have pictures!

Smoking : Non Smoking

Kids Menu : None

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