Family Friendly Airbnb Sai – Asakusa Tokyo

It’s hard to find a good Airbnb

With the new strict regulations of Airbnbs in Japan, 80% of the listings were deleted from the Airbnb official website. There is no need to explain why it is so hard to find great Airbnbs in Tokyo. Sai is one of the handful of listings that survived the new Airbnb regulations with highly rated rooms. You are about to see why.

Now, let me give you a friendly warning that it may be a bit of a challenge to book a room here because of its crazy popularity.



2 minute walk from the Metro Station

Especially for a family with children, or, well…  for anybody, there is nothing better than a room accessible to a metro station to get around the city. An added value to this is that stations have convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes in the neighborhood.

This is a pretty chic and modern building that stands out (in a very good way) in the streets of Asakusa. The entrance looks like a cafe!



Let’s see what it’s like inside



From the exterior, you may have assumed the size of the rooms. I will not lie, the rooms are not big. There is a kitchen, washing machine, a small dining table, and two single beds with a flatscreen TV in one room, two more single beds in the room next door.



This will fill your tub with the perfect temperature…IF you use it right.

In Japan, the temperature is set in Celsius.

The top right button with the circle with the line in the middle is the power. Turn it on!

The one under that 湯はり is to set the amount of hot water you would like to have.

The button under that 湯温 is the temperature. If you’re not familiar with Celsius, I’d say 38-42 is our average 🙂




Although there are 4 beds, single beds in Japan are very narrow. It may be a bit tight for a family of four, especially if your children are over 6 years old. Giving my honest opinion, the room is small, even for only two adults. BUT considering the fact that you will most likely be exploring the city on your vacation instead of lounging in your room, I would say that this room is perfect for a family. I am definitely not the type to splurge on luxury hotel suite rooms, and instead I like to use our money on experiences and meals. I consider hotels and Airbnbs a place to crash, and because we travel as a family, my requirements for the rooms are to be clean and secure, which this room clearly surpasses my expectations. If you are like me, and would rather spend your money on sushi and wagyu beef instead of your hotel “service fee”, Sai is definitely something you should consider.

I also value the location of Sai. It is 2 minutes away from Tawaramachi Station, which is 1 stop away from Asakusa station, with one of the most popular tourist attractions such as the Sensoji Temple

If you wanted to, you could easily walk the distance of 1 station to Asakusa, and hop on a cab on your way back if you get tired. I would say, the location of Sai is close to perfect. As mentioned earlier on this post, it is a very popular listing so there is a chance it may be all booked. In that case, there is another listing from the same host at Toranomon, Tokyo, which is not too far from this one.


General Information


Closest Train Station:

  • Tawaramachi Station – Ginza Line
  • Asakusa Station – Ginza Line

Casual / Luxury: Casual

Budget : ¥19,948 / night (updated 8.18.2018) Please check the website for an updated rate

Baby Friendly?: 5/5

Family Friendly?: 5/5 


*This post was NOT sponsored by the airbnb host

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