Bring your Baby, Leave the Gear! We rent and deliver baby supplies!

 Are you coming to Japan with your child? You’ve come to the right place!!!

Traveling with a baby / toddler might be more stressful than fun, for some parents (not for those parents posting pics with all THREE childen AND themselves smiling. Have you seen ours? You can BARELY see our faces!).

But the best advice I got from a parent of 4 grown kids, was to take every trip you can with your kids.

Kids grow up so fast. So fast that they start living their own lives before you know it. With school and work, there is only limited time to spend as a “family”.

So if you are thinking of coming to Japan with your little ones. I encourage you to come. My wife and I have started Lileo to help families just like yours.


What exactly does Lileo do?

Lileo sends all daily baby necessities from diapers to baby bottles AND rental strollers sent to your Hotel in Japan.

You can also choose to pick up at any Post Office in Japan if you are staying at an airbnb (we have a Post Office search in our checkout procedure so you don’t have to search for it yourself!).

We are the first company to focus on making the vacation less stressful and enjoyable for “Parents”.

Rental Stroller Hire Pram Japan

Who runs Lileo?

Lileo was founded by local parents of two boys. Erika and Hiro. It is a family-owned business, and we are NOTHING close to a corporation. We started Lileo because as parents of boys 2 years apart, we desperately needed a helping hand when transporting two boys and luggage for 4 people across the globe.

We started Lileo because parents deserve to have great time too.

We want parents like us, to have the most enjoyable time. We parents, are the ones always taking care and entertaining the kids 24/7.

We want parents to have as much fun on their trip as their children, and that means taking a few tasks off your hands, like pre-vacation shopping and packing.

Wanna know more about us? Go to our About Us page!


What can I get from Lileo?

1. Diapers

When our sons were 4 and 2, we went to Hawaii. We packed large, night-time diapers for the 4 year old, medium daily ones for the 2 year old. 40% of our suitcase was filled with only diapers. Order your diapers here, and we can just send them to your hotel. If you don’t need a whole pack, that’s ok too. We sell in sets of 5 pieces. Get the right amount for your stay, and just bring a few extra just in case.

Lileo Japan Diapers Baby


2. Disposable Baby Bottles

Your time in Japan is precious. Go out there and see what Japan has to offer. Don’t worry about washing your baby bottles, because these ones are disposable. As much as my wife and I care about the environment, we also believe in exceptions. We try to reduce reuse and recycle every day. But when we are out on our trip, we make use of disposable items to make the best of our trip.

Disposable Baby Bottles


3. Organic Hand Sanitizers

Have you read about the harmful substances in hand sanitizers? I thought sanitizers were supposed to keep you healthy! Never ever buy sanitizers from random drug stores in Japan. Especially if you are going to touch your baby. (NEVER use sanitizer on your baby’s hands either). To be safe, you should use organic hand sanitizers during your trip in Japan, and you can NOT get these in a common drug store here in Japan.

Organic Hand Sanitizer Baby

4. Odorless Waste Bags

Did you know that THERE ARE NO TRASH CANS in the streets of TOKYO? Do you know why Tokyo is still one of the cleanest cities in the world?

We take our trash, HOME… Sometimes if we’re lucky, we find one outside of a convenience store. But most times, garbage goes into our pockets. And for you ladies reading this, your purses. My wife HATES it when her designer bag turns into a garbage bag, so she carries these small garbage bags in her purse all the time.

This is great for diapers too, because the smell doesn’t come out of the bag once you tie it. Try it, because it REALLY WORKS!!

waste bag diapers japan

5. Rental Strollers

Strollers get damaged and lost on the plane. Strollers aren’t cheap. Leave your strollers safe at home. We can lend you ours. We have premium strollers for hire at a great price.

Rental Stroller Japan Tokyo Osaka Kyoto


We’re not amazon, but if you don’t see something you want, you can always email us at and we’ll do our best to get what you need.


What’s the rental process like?

  1. Make the order.
  2. Pick up your rental item(s) at your Hotel / Nearest Post Office.
  3. Use it (You CAN take it to different prefectures! Pick it up in Tokyo, take it to Osaka, Kyoto, etc)
  4. Return your item(s) at your last hotel (where ever it is in Japan, please do not take it outside the country) or a post office. No money or difficult transaction required.



You won’t be lost in translation

We are proud of our full English support. Many Japanese corporations writing “Engrish”, not “English” (If you don’t get the joke, you’ll get it when you land).

We will try our best to answer any questions you have. We are parents just like you. Talk to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

If you haven’t already, check out posts like The REAL guide to Manners in Japan, for a unique perspective of  our local perspective with a tint of foreign view (my wife had western education her whole life, but in Japan). We are a very unique family in Japan, with a fluent native English speaker, two children getting western education, and me, with the eyes of very Japanese perspectives.



stroller rental pram hire Japan Tokyo Osaka Kyoto


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  1. Regina says:


    I’ll be travelling to Tokyo on October eith a toddler, 7 y/o who hates walking lost distances. Do you rent a stroller for his age?

    • Hi Regina,
      Thank you for commenting 🙂 Our stroller brands officially state that the weight limit to be around 37.5 lbs (17-18kgs max). Unfortunately, we must officially state that children exceeding the weight limit should not ride the strollers. I have been dealing with strollers for about 7 years, and in my personal opinion, I believe they are made very strong and would not just suddenly “break” if a child exceeds the limit.

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