Bring your Baby, Leave the Gear! We rent and deliver baby supplies!
 Are you coming to Japan with your child? You've come to the right place!!! Traveling with a baby / toddler might be more stressful than fun, for some parents (not for those parents posting pics with all THREE childen AND themselves smiling. Have you seen ours? You can BARELY see our faces!). But the best advice I got from a parent of 4 grown kids, was to take every trip you can with your kids. Kids grow up so fast. So fast that they start living their own lives before you know it. With school and work, there is only limited time to spend as a "family". So if you are thinking of coming to Japan with your little ones. I encourage you to come. My wife and I have started Lileo to help families just like yours.   What exactly does Lileo do? Lileo sends all daily baby necessities from diapers to baby bottles AND rental strollers sent to your Hotel in Japan. You can also choose to pick up at any Post Office in Japan if you are staying at an airbnb (we have a Post Office search in our checkout procedure so you don't have to search for it yourself!). We are the first company to focus on making the vacation less stressful and enjoyable for "Parents". Who runs Lileo? Lileo was founded by local parents of two boys. Erika and Hiro. It is a family-owned business, and we are NOTHING close to a corporation. We started Lileo because as parents of boys 2 years apart, we desperately needed a helping hand when transporting two boys and luggage for 4 people across the globe. We started Lileo because parents deserve to have great time too. We want parents like us, to have the most enjoyable time. We parents, are the ones always taking care and entertaining the kids 24/7. We want parents to have as much fun on their trip as their children, and that means taking a few tasks off your hands, like pre-vacation shopping and packing. Wanna know more about us? Go to our About Us page!   What can I get from Lileo? 1. Diapers When our sons were 4 and 2, we went to Hawaii. We packed large, night-time diapers for the 4 year old, medium daily ones for the 2 year old. 40% of our suitcase was filled with only diapers. Order your diapers here, and we can just send them to your hotel. If you don't need a whole pack, that's ok too. We sell in sets of 5 pieces. Get the right amount for your stay, and just bring a few extra just in case.   2. Disposable Baby Bottles Your time in Japan is precious. Go out there and see what Japan has to offer. Don't worry about washing your baby bottles, because these ones are disposable. As much as my wife and I care about the environment, we also believe in exceptions. We try to reduce reuse and recycle every day. But when we are out on our trip, we make use of disposable items to make the best of our trip.   3. Organic Hand Sanitizers Have you read about the harmful substances in hand sanitizers? I thought sanitizers were supposed to keep you healthy! Never ever buy sanitizers from random drug stores in Japan. Especially if you are going to touch your baby. (NEVER use sanitizer on your baby's hands either). To be safe, you should use organic hand sanitizers during your trip in Japan, and you can NOT get these in a common drug store here in Japan. 4. Odorless Waste Bags Did you know that THERE ARE NO TRASH CANS in the streets of TOKYO? Do you know why Tokyo is still one of the cleanest cities in the world? We take our trash, HOME... Sometimes if we're lucky, we find one outside of a convenience store. But most times, garbage goes into our pockets. And for you ladies reading this, your purses. My wife HATES it when her designer bag turns into a garbage bag, so she carries these small garbage bags in her purse all the time. This is great for diapers too, because the smell doesn't come out of the bag once you tie it. Try it, because it REALLY WORKS!! 5. Rental Strollers Strollers get damaged and lost on the plane. Strollers aren't cheap. Leave your strollers safe at home. We can lend you ours. We have premium strollers for hire at a great price.   We're not amazon, but if you don't see something you want, you can always email us at and we'll do our best to get what you need.   What's the rental process like? Make the order. Pick up your rental item(s) at your Hotel / Nearest Post Office. Use it (You CAN take it to different prefectures! Pick it up in Tokyo, take it to Osaka, Kyoto, etc) Return your item(s) at your last hotel (where ever it is in Japan, please do not take it outside the country) or a post office. No money or difficult transaction required.     You won't be lost in translation We are proud of our full English support. Many Japanese corporations writing "Engrish", not "English" (If you don't get the joke, you'll get it when you land). We will try our best to answer any questions you have. We are parents just like you. Talk to us, and we'll be more than happy to help. If you haven't already, check out posts like The REAL guide to Manners in Japan, for a unique perspective of  our local perspective with a tint of foreign view (my wife had western education her whole life, but in Japan). We are a very unique family in Japan, with a fluent native English speaker, two children getting western education, and me, with the eyes of very Japanese perspectives.      
What to pack for a 2 night trip to Kyoto with kids
  I wish I could pack 8 pairs of shoes for a 3 day trip like I used to, but I'm not single anymore...   In this post, I am going to share everything I am bringing to Kyoto for our 2N3D trip in October Our Destination - Kyoto From Where to Where?  Tokyo To Kyoto How Many People?  2 Adults 2 Kids (6 and 4 both BOYS) When?  October 13th to 15th Temperature?  Average of 3 days : High 22°C / 71°F Low 15°C / 60°F - 30~40% of rain on the weekends.   So, what to do first? Make A LIST I hate sounding like your mom, but I am a mom, and I got over it. Being organized is the key to packing. Make a list for all your family members, and just WRITE or TYPE everything you need.   Weather is EVERYTHING I hate traveling in the rain. There was a time when I believed in super positive vibes, and I thought I could work my way through any circumstances with a "positive attitude", but I gave up. I am clearly not the person who can keep my smile long enough when I have to deal with two boys in an unfamiliar place on top of RAIN. So, check the weather and temperature, and decide what to wear. It seems like there is a slight chance of rain on the weekends, but I'm going to take my chances.   Shoes FIRST I have tons of outfits with high heels boots and pumps pinned on my pinterest board, but honestly, heels are no longer an option when you only have room for 1 or 2 shoes on a short trip. So, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started building my outfit around my shoes. I chose my Stella McCartney Elyse shoes to wear, and packed my Nike Sneakers.   Outfit I cannot stand the cold, so I wear a lot of layers and thick material. On a "How much I can't stand the cold" scale of 1 to 10, I am definitely a 20 (not a typo). As I am writing this, the weather in Tokyo is 26°C / 79°F. I went outside in an Autumn trench coat, over a sweatshirt, over a T shirt. You get the picture. If you are like me, go ahead and see what I packed. If you are not a 10, which most of you are, just bring one hoodie or sweater just in case it gets cold at night. And obviously, I use Pinterest religiously for my fashion inspiration.   The Boys 2 Baseball Caps 1 Beanie 2 Backpacks 2 Sunglasses 2 Bomber Jackets 1 Sweater 3 Shirts (If we dine "somewhere nice") 4 T Shirts 4 Pairs of Pants (Casual and Semi Formal) 7 Underpants 4 Pairs of Socks 2 Paris of PJs 2 Swimming wear This time, I am going to trust the boys with one pair of shoes, so I didn't pack any.   Erika and Hiro   Erika 1 Trench Coat to wear on the way 1 Oversized Hoodie I used this pin for inspiration 1 Black Distressed Jeans (same pin as above) 1 T Shirt 1 Pair of Sneakers 1 Crop Top 1 Foldable Backpack Lingerie Beauty and Care Goods Bikini Hiro 4 T Shirts 2 Pairs of Pants 1 Dress Shirt 1 Denim Jacket 1 Pair of Sneakers Swim Gear 1 Pair of Sweatpants 2 Underwear Blogging Equipment etc Go Pro Selfie Stick Camera Chargers and Extra Batteries Portable Steamer Phone Charger   From Our Store! Did you know we run a Baby Supply Delivery and Rental Company called Lileo? You can pre-order supplies you need for your family (child, mainly), and we send them to your hotel upon arrival. When we travel, I always pack some things from my store.   Sippy Cup My boys are a little too old for this, but I carry one because it is SO light. I don't want to carry a large, chunky thermos in my bag, so I still use these just when I'm traveling.     ODORLESS Waste Bag If you have read our REAL guide to manners in Japan post, you'll see that there are NO trash cans on the streets of Tokyo. I don't know about Kyoto, but I will find out soon. This Waste Bag is AMAZING. It prevents odor, bacteria, germs, you name it from getting out of the bag once you seal it. I used it everyday when my children were in diapers, but I still keep a few in my bag.     To Wrap Up I am NOT a minimalist. I like to pack the exact amount of clothes plus a few extras, because if I run out of options, I don't like to rush to find clothes while I could be enjoying my trip. I don't believe in overpacking either, but who knows. I just don't like being forced to buy things I don't even really want. I wish to do more of these posts, because I love how my country has 4 distinct seasons, and we can play around with our outfits to match the seasons. However, it could be very hard to pack for your trip if you are a first-timer to Japan, especially if you are coming from somewhere that doesn't have 4 seasons like Japan. Hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you liked it, or if you have tips on how to make it better :)   Additional comments written AFTER the trip I am writing this AFTER I got back from Kyoto! To be very honest, I wish I had brought a few more options for myself! The weather was super nice, and but the mornings / nights were a bit chilly. I also used the swimming pool in the SPA every day, so after getting back from the pool I wanted to change into something warmer. If I could improve my packing list, I would bring a casual long sleeve dress and a sweater to add to my list. On the other hand, the kids didn't need the sweater, beanie, and two jackets, because the weather was warmer than we thought, and we didn't walk around at night. I would add one pair of shoes to each boys and 4 more pairs of socks, as socks were thrown around in the hotel and one of my boys managed to step into the Kamogawa River in front of our hotel and get his shoes soaked. Here are the actual outfits worn during the trip.  If you want to read more.....
Must Visit Beach in Okinawa with the Clearest Water
  Sesoko Island Is a special island surrounded by super transparent, crystal clear water. It's special because it is an island that is accessible by car from the main land. This was in my list of things to do in Okinawa, and it was amazing! (except for the part where I almost drowned) - will explain later.   Transparency - 300%   The transparency of the water is crazy. Here's a photo of our feet in the water.     Save the Ocean In the photo below, do you see that the people are swimming ONLY within the buoy rope area? This is to limit the contact of environment destroyers (us, the human race) to the corals and fish in the sea. I know its tempting to swim freely outside of this area, but if we all start doing that, our kids won't be able to see this beautiful beach when they grow up.     Another Safety Tip This is me smiling minutes before I almost drowned. If the environment doesn't concern you to stay inside the buoy, hear me out. I was playing with my kids near the shore, when I heard an announcement (in Japanese) warning to get prepared for the high-tide. Nobody really got out of the water, but I took the kids to my mother, lounging on the beach, and my husband asked me if I wanted to go snorkeling with him (Rentals available. Details later). I swam to about the middle of the shore and the buoy, and realized that the amount of water has almost tripled, or maybe even more. The water used to be up to my waist, but came up over my head. I am not a bad swimmer, so I started snorkeling. BUT (Dramatic Music) I thought I was safe because I was inside the ropes, but the high-tide and the wind put together pushed me further and further away, and when I tried to swim back to the shore, the waves kept pushing me sideways, and I couldn't swim straight. Eventually, my feet got super tired from swimming, my snorkels were foggy, and the wind kept pushing me, and not to be overly dramatic, I thought I was going to drown. Seriously. If you are here with your family and you do not speak Japanese, at least get your children out of the water when you hear an announcement in Japanese, and ask somebody what's going on. I mean it!     Rentals at Sesoko Beach You can rent parasols with low quality beach beds (¥3,000) , swimming shoes (¥500), and snorkels (¥1,000). I don't know if "swimming shoes" is the right term, but you DEFINITELY need them. There are lots of rocks and corals, and it is not fun to get inside the water with bare feet.     Food at Sesoko Beach There is one beach shack, aka "umi no ie" at Sesoko Beach. They serve snacks and light meals such as • Japanese Curry • "Yakisoba" - Japanese style fried noodles (my favorite!) • Fried Chicken etc... Hiro having Curry   I had fried noodles. This was actually pretty good.   Ryoma had fried chicken (and most of my fried noodles)   Tour of the Island When you get tired of swimming, you can explore the shores of Sesoko Island. The distance around the whole island is only 7.3 kilometers (4.5 miles). Hiro, Yamato, and I went on a 10 minute adventure (it was so hot that day, one of us could have gotten a heatstroke)     A Cave!   That was pretty much everything We were too exhausted to go further, but if you have the chance, explore the island and let us know!   Make sure you take lots of pictures :)   Comments Sesoko Beach was purely amazing. There's nothing fancy about this place, no comfy padded beach beds (the beach beds were really bad), showers that aren't free (it's pretty common in Japan), and no pampering from the staff working at the beach. But it was the best beach I have ever been to in Japan. EVER. I actually loved the laid back, down-to-earth vibe. Sesoko Beach clearly is a tourist attraction, but I felt like I was in a beach for "locals". If you are like me, and want to explore the "local" side of Okinawa, you would love it here. You can rent pretty much anything, but it is better to bring your own towels, floats, and swimming shoes (this is a must-have). It is an awesome idea to bring your own snorkels or rent them, because there are hundreds of tropical fish, and you can see them as if you're in an aquarium. There are lockers for ¥200, hot showers for ¥500, and cold showers for ¥300. 1 child may accompany 1 adult for free. BEWARE OF THE HIGH-TIDE As I said before, please please please listen to the announcements (even if you don't understand Japanese, follow the locals!) , and check the time of the high-tide in advance if you are going with small children. If you don't mind the extra luggage, bringing a small cooler for water (and booze) might be a great idea. To wrap it up, I absolutely loved this beach. I loved how it wasn't packed with people (because you need to take that extra mile to two to get there), and there was nothing "touristy" about the place. General Information Name: Sesoko Beach Address: 5583-1, Sesoko, Kunigamigun Motobuchou, Okinawa 905-0227 Phone #:  03-6457-3337 Website: No Official Website in English Public Transportation:  • 40 minute bus ride from Nago Bus Terminal Hours : April - June : 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM July - September : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Closed on : October - March General Fees : Free Rentals: Parasol and Beach Bed set - ¥3,000 Snorkels - ¥1,000 Swim Shoes - ¥500 Towels - ¥200 Other Fees: Parking - ¥1,000 / Day Shower - Hot - ¥500 / Cold - ¥300 (1 child may accompany 1 adult for free) Locker - ¥200 Budget (How much we spent) : ¥14,000 (4 Adults, 2 Children) inc. lunch, rentals and parking Diaper Changing Space : None Nursing Room : None Stroller Friendly?: 0/5 Baby Friendly?: 0/5 Toddler Friendly?: 1/5 Child Friendly?: 3/5 Family Friendly?: 3/5 Foreign Language Assistance?: None   *This post was NOT sponsored by Sesoko Beach *Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.
Rumble Fish – Exquisite Seafood Dinner at Busena Terrace Okinawa
Seafood If I have to choose between Steak and Lobster, I choose Lobster in less than a split second. This is the first post about our Okinawa trip, and I am starting the Okinawa series with "RUMBLE FISH", the restaurant that has one of the BEST fresh oysters I've ever had. If you have read my other posts like this one about the fishmarket, you probably know already about my obsession with Oysters. Well, even if you are not an Oyster fan like me, you will be pleased. Stroll on the Beach RUMBLE FISH is located inside our hotel, the Busena Terrace Resort. Our stay here was AMAZING, and you can see for yourself here. From our room to RUMBLE FISH was a 5 minute stroll along this beautiful (I need a better word than beautiful) beach. This is it! I don't exactly know what a "RUMBLE FISH" is, but I think what I see here is a Swordfish? Anyways, I just love these cute little restaurants by the pier! The Terrace The terrace seat is where you want to request when you make the reservation. It's beautiful. Wait until you see the sunset! Sunset Dinner *This wasn't our table (we were a party of 6, 2 children inc.) Isn't it stunning? It looks like one of those stock photos! It's not! It's FRESH! The seafood is neatly presented at the entrance, and you can shop (literally with a cart) your dinner! The kids loved the shopping experience. Scarus ovifrons As most of you know, we (meaning the Japanese demographic) eat A LOT of fish, and we know the different names of all the fish we eat. This blue fish you see in the image below is called "Aobudai" in Japanese, "Irabuchaa" in Ryukyu language (Language spoken in Okinawa and other Ryukyu Islands), and Scarus Ovifrons is the scientific noun of this fish. It is a popular edible fish in Okinawa, but we did not have the courage to put it in our cart. We got 6 of these And 3 of them were for me :) I can't stop obsessing over these oysters. They were one of the BEST oysters I've every had. Since I ordered 6 oysters, the waitress recommended I get the Yako-gai, the shellfish you see in the image below. What we picked from the RAW BAR Fresh Oysters Sauteed Salmon Yako-gai  And from the Grand Menu Ceaser Salad New England Clam Chowder Squid Ink Paella Comments In my personal opinion, I loved this restaurant because of the location (There's something about the pier that I'm drawn to), the sunset, the fun shopping experience for the kids, and the amazing fresh oysters. I really liked how you can choose how your food chosen from the raw bar is cooked. Other than the oysters and the Yako-gai, I must point out that I can't give 5 stars for the food. It's more like a 4, but that's just my opinion. But I would definitely come here again if I have the chance, because of all the other amazing qualities cover for the "pretty good" food. I'll try to work on my food critique vocabulary, but I hope you can understand when I write, "pretty good". The fact that you can enjoy a sunset dinner with a magnificent view of the beach is enough for me to recommend this restaurant to you. Your children will love the shopping experience, and if they get grumpy and bored, you can take them to the pier or the beach! Everything about this place was surreal, a great way to end our first day in Okinawa. General Information Name : Rumble Fish at Busena Terrace Okinawa Genre: Seafood Budget (How much we spent) : ¥32,83 (4 adults, 2 children) Address : 1808 Kise, Nago, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0026 Phone # : 0980-51-1333 Website Closest Station : Click this link for directions Hours : 5:30 PM ~ 10:00 PM Last Order 9:30 PM Closed on : Mondays Diaper Changing Space : No Nursing Rooms : No Private Rooms : None High Chair : Yes Stroller Friendly?: 5/5 Baby Friendly?: 5/5 Toddler Friendly?: 5/5 Child Friendly? : 5/5 Foreign Language Assistance?: English Smoking : Non-smoking Kids Menu : None, but you can request how your food to be cooked.   *This post was NOT sponsored by Rumble Fish *Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.
Miho no Matsubara – A World Heritage Site with a view of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji One of the most famous World Heritage Sites in Japan, Mt. Fuji stands on the border of Yamanashi Prefecture, and my home town, Shizuoka. The highest mountain in Japan can be seen from many locations, but Miho no Matsubara is one of the most popular locations to see a clear view of Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, the forecast was cloudy on the day we visited, and we could not see Mt. Fuji.   So why bother to share?   You'll see in a minute.   Miho no Matsubara It is a grove of 30,000 pine trees and a beautiful beach with the view of Mt. Fuji (On clear days...) It is a sacred place where it has been told that it is the God's path to Mt. Fuji. The entrance to the grove has a tunnel of pine trees.     Seen enough Pine Trees? Here's the way to the beach.     Where's Mt. Fuji? It's hiding behind the clouds. But the view is still amazing, isn't it?     Careful! It may be tempting to take your shoes off, but the sand gets pretty hot, and there are a lot of twigs so keep your shoes on!     "Are we in Hawaii?" The kids asked. It's a bit of a stretch to say Hawaii, but it definitely didn't feel like we were in Japan.     It was 91˚F / 33˚C this day, so we had to get out before one of us gets a heatstroke     On our way back, we found a small shrine, and a place to read your birthday fortune. It was extremely hot and humid this day, so we walked right past it.     The Sacred Pine Tree My wife and I are far from being superstitious, but we do believe in the energy of trees that provide us with air, food, shelter, and life.     Outside the grove, there are old "omiyage" - souvenir stores, and old-style cafes.     Comments   There was something very peaceful and relaxing about this place. The locals call it a "power-spot", meaning it is a sacred spot with spiritual powers. As I said, my wife and I (my wife would have more to say about this) do not believe in spiritual powers, but we both agree that this place has something more than what we see. It was definitely not just a "beach". We were here on July 21st 2018, and the heat was a bit too much for us and the little ones, so I recommend visiting in the Spring or Autumn. The best season is in the Winter because the air is clear, and there is a much better chance of seeing Mt. Fuji, but it will be definitely be freezing in the Winter. I have been here several times before, and I was able to see the view of Mt. Fuji. Next time we will try again on a Sunny Day. Stay tuned!   General Information Name : Miho no Matsubara Address : 1338 Miho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 414-0901 Phone # :054-221-1019 Website : No official website in English Closest Station :  Shimizu Station – Tokaido Line - 15 mins by car from Shizuoka Station Miho no Matsubara Iriguchi (Bus Station) - Shizutetsu Just Line 58 Hours : Open All Day Closed on : Open All Year Round General Fees : Free (Free Parking too) Budget (How much we spent) : ¥0 Diaper Changing Space : None Nursing Room : None Stroller Friendly?: 1/5 Baby Friendly?: 2/5 Toddler Friendly?: 2/5 Child Friendly? : 3/5 Family Friendly?: 4/5 Foreign Language Assistance?: Sings are in English   *This post was NOT sponsored by Miho no Matsubara *Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments, or updates.  
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